Monday, April 28, 2008


more mail today. its so nice to start out the spring this way!
this is the first regret response i've ever written for an event, its definitely NOT as fun as rsvp-ing in the affirmative.

Friday, April 4, 2008

mail in progress

ta-da! letters, notes etc. to put in the mail today = 6 . . . this is an ambitous start.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

the secret of mail

in the months surrounding my wedding i sent out a lot of mail, between the save-the-dates, invites, announcements and thank you notes, i spent heaps on postage. the result? actual mail from people i know . . . in my mailbox . . . addressed to me. what is it about seeing a handwritten address on a plain envelope, one that isn't littered with advertisements, that feels so special. i'm not really sure if its seeing my name or the anticipation of what might be inside or the idea that someone took the time to write to me, but it feels great. i'm not sure if theres anything else quite like it.

moving into the new place i was so excited to get a mailbox - its plain, gray, and typically shaped but i spiffed it up with adhesive letters spelling out my new last name, and best of all it has that little red flag. in our neighborhood those actually get raised when there's mail inside. i can look out the window from my kitchen and see that cute smidge of red plastic sticking up like a hitchhikers thumb.

after a while the mail stopped coming and i began to miss it then christmas rolled around and we sent out over 100 handmade cards - the mail came rolling in again.

after the valentines day mailing a few pieces trickled in and then at Easter I didn't send out any cards and a few days later as i was shredding carrots a thought which i'm sure is clear to others and probably something my grandmother would shrug off as old news, dawned on me. it occurred to me that the secret to recieving mail is to send it.

i'm now determined to send more mail, find pen pals, send cards notes and maybe even if I'm feeling ambitous . . .letters, i'll put trinkets and scrawlings in envelopes and seal them up with loved ones names on the front. i'm set on making time for sending mail. now somebody point me to the post office!