Thursday, July 31, 2008

c a r o

typography can be inspired from the simplest thing . . . i new i would find enjoyment in these blocks i picked up a few weeks ago!


one of the coolest uses of polaroids i've ever seen:
check out this video!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


i just found this site dedicated to polaroid art. I am so inspired, take a look at thes gorgeous images!

images property of Grant Hamilton, taken from

i love the above middle it's titled Atari.

images property of Randolph Barry, taken from

I really want to take a few of my polaroids and have them made postersize so I can use them in my
kitchen . . .hmmm or maybe the living room like the ones below.

Friday, July 25, 2008

bahamian treasures

happy friday! a little bit more show and tell: these are a few bahamian stamps from the collection we picked up at the post office, strangely enough there were no other tourists in the nassau post office when we visited so we felt like bright for thinking to go and pick out stamps.

a few more delightful souvenirs from our anniversary trip, i couldn't resist these. the starfish is 12" in diameter at its widest point. The license plate just seemed quirky and i liked the numbers.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

ceramic delicacy

this is one of those pretty items i couldn't resist snatching up because of its delicate feminine form. i love the way it looks on my desk at the office and I'm detemined to make some pretty pink cherry blossoms out of tissue paper - like these - for it the next time i'm feeling crafty and have a few minutes.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

keyboard type

these keys will never feel the same as writing a letter by hand, though i do enjoy the clicking sound and sometimes in the middle of a stressful day i find it soothing.

Check out this article from The New York Times about the decline of penmanship and handwriting.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

avon bottles

i suppose i have a bit of a weakness for feminine dainty things . . . it comes from admiring my grandmother's vanity as a little girl. . . these are a few more of the treasures i picked out this past sunday in the nottingham antiques barn. they are vintage avon cologne bottles - the blue boot is still 2/3 full of cologne. and the little carriage, though empty, smells heavenly when opened.

Monday, July 21, 2008


found these in nottingham, pa yesterday, in an antique barn.

Friday, July 18, 2008

anniversary postcards

tim and i just had our first anniversary and we took a quick trip to the bahamas to celebrate. somwhere in between scooting around Nassau on a moped and climbing the queen's staircase we decided to begin a tradition. we each picked out a postcard for the other, secretly wrote a note, stickered it with local postage and dropped it in the mail. yesterday, the postcards appeared in the mailbox and we read them together with childish giggles and grins. it was so delightful to see what we'd each written. the best part is we now have very personal souvenirs that are dated and location stamped (not to mention that they cost next to nothing), we're going to do this every year, whether we travel to someplace new or just stay local.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

creative self

I read this article from Scientific American Mind after seeing a post about it by dozidesign.

a few bits of the article really spoke to me:

-"When children are very young, they all express creativity, but by the end of the first grade, very few do so. This is because of socialization. They learn in school to stay on task and to stop daydreaming and asking silly questions. As a result, the expression of new ideas is largely shut down. We end up leaving creative expression to the misfits—the people who can’t be socialized." - Robert Epstein

having worked on a few occasions with young children, i've wondered about this idea for years, where does creativity begin to be stymied ? this opened up a can of worms for me just beginning to think about the ways that we halt our own creativity or allow it to be halted by others.

lots of people have said to me "you're so creative," i've heard that so many times that it has taken on a persona of its own in my head - i've been told i'm creative, i think i'm a creative person, therefor i create and i maybe the most creative person i know (at least in my own head). i've begun to think about the culture or mindset among people who have established creativity as a part of their personality that makes them competitive with other people who are creative. i think we can get caught up with wanting to be the most creative person, even though we feed off of eachother and are inspired by eachother.

i think the established and affirmed creative people tend to shut out the idea that the other people could be creative to if they were allowed.

-"Creative people are productive. They may have lots of ideas that don’t work, but the point is that they have lots of ideas." - John Houtz

i often find i have so many ideas, i'm overwhelmed by choosing one direction, and i allow those overwhelmed feelings to follow me through the creative process.

one last one:

- ". . .let me give you an example of an exercise I do with people that boosts group creativity. It’s called “the shifting game.” In this exercise, half of my teams stay together for 15 minutes to generate names for a new cola. The other teams work together for five minutes, then shift out of the group to work on the problem individually, then come together for the last five minutes. Even with all the moving around, the shifting teams produce twice as many ideas as the nonshifting ones. This happens, I think, because groups inhibit a lot of creative expression. Dominant people tend to do most of the talking, for one thing. But when people shift, everyone ends up working on the problem." - Robert Epstein

i've always found this to be true but i like how Robert Epstein articulated that the dominant people do most of the talking. i'm one of those non-dominant people who lets the talkers do the talking. lately i've been struggling with trying to change this about myself so that i have a voice in group settings. i've heard that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, so i've meekly tried to force myself to become a sqeaky wheel, or at least - squeakier. the truth is i'm not sure if i can hack it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

for the love of light

this just came in the mail . . . postal polaroid bliss
a book devoted to polaroids and their creators

Monday, July 14, 2008

eames inspired

i've been inspired by the eames brothers for several years but i was hesitant to use these stamps and invoke the names of designers as great as charles + ray eames without putting a bit of like-minded, free-spirited design into the envelope which I was slapping these bits of design history on to.