Friday, July 18, 2008

anniversary postcards

tim and i just had our first anniversary and we took a quick trip to the bahamas to celebrate. somwhere in between scooting around Nassau on a moped and climbing the queen's staircase we decided to begin a tradition. we each picked out a postcard for the other, secretly wrote a note, stickered it with local postage and dropped it in the mail. yesterday, the postcards appeared in the mailbox and we read them together with childish giggles and grins. it was so delightful to see what we'd each written. the best part is we now have very personal souvenirs that are dated and location stamped (not to mention that they cost next to nothing), we're going to do this every year, whether we travel to someplace new or just stay local.


  1. what a perfectly splendid and unique thing to do! Excellent idea and something you'll both treasure forever.

  2. That's great! By the way, do you know the project? I am doing this for over a year and it's so great!