Friday, October 24, 2008

great {design} expextations

i've been anticipating the arrival of this month's issue of Print, mostly because i've been excited to see the regional design annual winners, but two other things struck me before i could even get to the award section.
1. this quote:
"people today don't just appreciate good design - they expect it."
- David Butler, the vice president of design for Coca-Cola
as a person who strives to create work - and generally live life - in a way that more then simply, meets expectations, i find this quote surmises what i've discovered in my limited experience and it also challenges me. how inspiring!

and 2. tur-da! this amazing ad from Neenah Paper announcing the addition of a pearlized linen paper to their line: way to combine my two favortie things. side note: the typography and pattern looks straight out of Martha Stewart Living.
it's beautiful. and just examine the texture . . . the little swatch of "linen is embossed" to feel extra linen-y, how delightful. I can't wait to use this paper for a future project.

also i really love this color right now.


1 comment:

  1. I too love the colour and, like you, I really love that pearlized linen. I'm going to go check their website out right now.