Sunday, January 25, 2009

last year around this time . . .

Toward the end of January 2008, Tim and I were asked to help out our friends Paul & Chelsea, who needed a classy rehersal dinner the night before their wedding on a tight budget with a teeny timeline. The mission? To transform this room into an intimate setting for 40. Here's the before:

This space was actually the room where the bride lived as a young woman, so to transform a room that she knew very well was quite a challenge. Here's the after:

We wanted to darken the room to create a cozier mood but painting the walls was out of the question, so we came up with the alternative solution of tacking up metallic wrapping paper which we snagged on sale at IKEA! We created the warm lighting with several strategically placed theatrical uplight fixtures and topped the tables with tealights to add a touch of glow! Here's a close-up of the settings - notice the neat twisted copper handles on the flatware.
The flatware was rented from a local wedding supply vendor and the rest of the pieces from the settings were purchased from IKEA or borrowed from friends. We had a fantastic time putting this together and wish Paul & Chelsea a Happy 1st Anniversary!


  1. No way, this is amazing!

  2. It was so amazing and wonderful. We honestly could not have asked for a better time. You made the room and the atmosphere wonderful beyond our expectations, and we will always be grateful for the generous way you served us. Thanks for using your amazing talents to bless us. Also, you got some fantastic pictures of the transformation - I'm so glad! Thanks again