Friday, February 13, 2009

brownie bites

I didn't spend a lot of time making these from scratch because really the fun part, the 'homemade' part comes at the end.

Brownie Bits and Bites

What you'll need:
1. Brownie Mix - (I used store bought)
2. Chocolate Frosting
3. Milk Chocolate Chips or candy melts

What to do:

Mix the Brownie batter adding just a splash (as in maybe a tablespoon) of extra oil to the mix - this makes them a little more fudgy then normal. Then spread the batter thin and bake them in a large sheet pan. I used a 12 x 15 pan that was about an inch high. The batter spread very thin and made thin brownies which makes cutting shapes out of them much easier. I baked mine as directed on the box and just checked often with a toothpick until it came out clean.

After baking, let them cool and then spread with a can of chocolate frosting. Again, I just used a store-bought one. Then refrigerate the whole thing, until firm. Use a heart-shaped cutter to cut out hearts and put them onto a cookie sheet lined with a piece of waxed paper, then take the remaining bits and put them into a bowl (icing and all)I covered this and let it sit out a bit to allow the crumbly bits of brownie to absorb some of the moisture from the frosting.

Now melt the chocolate chips or candy melts in a plastic bag in the microwave - leaving the top unsealed, massaging the bag after every 20 seconds until melted. Then snip a corner from the bag and drizzle the chocolate on top of the brownie hearts - put these back in the fridge - those are done. Cover them after a few minutes.

Now take the bowl of crumbly bits and frosting all mixed together and mix it until it forms a dough that you can roll into 1" balls. Place the balls onto waxed paper and poke a toothpick into each one. place these in the freezer. Take the rest of your melted chocolate and pour it into a bowl. Melt more if it doesn't look like enough to cover the brownie balls. Dip the balls into the chocolate to coat and place back onto waxed paper. removing toothpick before the chocolate hardens. Decorate with sprinkles, nuts or candies to cover the spot where the toothpick was.


  1. how much would it cost to hire you as my life long baker?