Monday, August 3, 2009

turning 25

it's here . . . i've been on this earth for one-quarter of a century.

25 Things I Want to Do Before I'm 30
1. photograph one thing, every single day, for a year
2. plant a vegetable garden, or maybe just a small herb garden
3. learn to menu plan on a weekly basis
4. take a pottery class and brush up on my wheel throwing
5. write, illustrate, & design a children's book, even if it never gets published
6. read The Bible every single day
7. go a whole month without sugar
8. buy a video camera, make home videos
9. organize all of our photos into bound books
10. install a porch swing or hammock
11. spend more quality time with my sweetheart
12. throw themed dinner parties
13. find a friend who likes to exercise
14. go through my artwork from college and pitch at least half of it
15. find a place for everything. put everything in it's place
16. keep a sketchbook
17. go sailing
18. re-establish mexican monday
19. design a stationery line and sell it
20. create art for our house
21. take photos of just the two of us frequently
22. create a book that describes our special Christmas ornaments
23. lose fifteen pounds
24. (I'm not telling)
25. (this one's a secret too)


  1. Is that the cupcake that Mikey decorated for you???

  2. nope, but that one went on top of my cake!