Tuesday, September 20, 2011

dining room

I've been meaning to take a picture of this American of Martinsville credenza that we've had in our dining room for a few months now. I put up that string-line with paper goods pinned to it for a little craft party this past weekend and it looked so sweet, I decided to leave it up for a few days. Anyway, the credenza is one of my favorite pieces that we own, and it has a sweet story that starts with this little side table. I haven't taken many pictures of the side table yet, but you can see it here in this year-old picture of our living room:

We plucked that little end table (on the far left, beside the sofa) off of the curb, it had a free sign covering the entire front, so all I could see as we drove past, were those beautiful tapered legs. We made a U-turn and were delighted when we lifted the sign to find the offset handles. We packed it quickly into the backseat and drove home, feeling like we'd just made away with the treasure. It had some nail polish spilled on the top and down the side, so I sanded it down gently and refinished it with satin polyurethane. I also lined the drawers with the wallpaper i used for our front closet. It has the rounded x-shaped metal inlays on the top that are kind of charming. Later while searching craigslist for a deal on a credenza, we happened upon this matching one and Tim drove straight up to Maryland to pick it up. It's currently in the dining room, but we're planning for it to live in the living room once we finish the floor in there.

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