Thursday, December 22, 2011

happy new year


We’re ringing in 2012 with these festive party hats. Print the template and follow the step-by-step below to make your own festive head wear.  You'll need scissors, some curling ribbon, a stapler or tape, and a piece of string or elastic.

Print one (or all!) of the four different designs by right-clicking and opening the image in a new window. Then follow the steps

1.       Cut out your hat base
 2.       Roll the base into a cone by overlapping the ends and staple or tape to secure

3.       Curl ribbon and attach to the top of your cone with tape, staples, or glue

You can also slide the ribbon through the top, you have a small opening  at the top of your cone and tie a couple knots to keep it in place

4.       Punch two holes for the elastic where they are marked (by small circles) on the template
5.       Loop elastic string through the holes and tie in a double knot
 You can also staple the elastic and tie a knot above the staple to keep it in place
Add glitter, tinsel, or confetti to give your hat some extra flair!

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