Monday, March 2, 2009


One of the things Tim and I most enjoy about the area where we live is that there are so many parks and historic properties. One of our favorite things to to is explore these places. About a year ago we found a gorgeous an overgrown area that though completely coverd in vines and weeds, we could tell must have once been a beautifully landscaped garden. There were brick walls and paths and raised beds, even a little bench tucked into an alcove. It reminded us so much of the Secret Garden that we now call it that.
We took one of our exploring driving/walking trips a few days ago to am old brick bridge and as we were leaving we saw these beautiful rays of sun shining through the clouds.

We stopped to take the above picture and admire God's beautiful creation, after a moment we turned to go but just then an enormous flock of birds flew over our heads and I had barely enough time to whip the camera out again. We were so glad we stopped!

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