Friday, March 13, 2009

tim's day

March 12 is Tim's birthday. . . he worked a really long day - I had to say 'Happy Birthday' to him at midnight because otherwise I wouldn't have seen him on his birthday!

Me: Happy Birthday!!!!

Tim: Thanks, what tie should I wear tomorrow? (holds up decrepit tie hanger weighed down with ties and a striped one already in his hand.)
Me: That one! (choosing the one already in his hand) How come you have to work for 22 out of 24 hours that make up your birthday?

Tim: Because we have 5 events today, and the President will be at one of them . . . . and there's a lot of extra things that need to be done when the President is attending something.

Me: President Obama?

Tim: No the other President? Yeah, President Obama is coming to my birthday party.

Me: I always knew you were important.

While he was off doing a little bread winning I thought it would be sweet (in a first grade kind of way) to make him a batch of cupcakes that he could take to work today since he'll actually be in his office for part of today.

The only problem was that I couldn't decide what kind to make - so I made two kinds
Butter Pecan and Lemon. I made regular sized cupcakes and mini ones, by the time I was finished I had enough cupcakes on the kitchen table to fill my cupcake carrier times FOUR!!!

But I only have one cupcake carrier not four, sadly - so I'll be transporting the rest to my office to share with my co-workers via a very uncool baking sheet.
I'm not sure exactly why (probably has something to do with my obsession for all things candy) but I like to try and work in favorite candies when I'm making a batch of cupcakes for someone special - Last year I made a Nerd/Smarties Cake for Tim and it was pretty darn cute though I say it myself:
So this year, I incorporated peeps - Tim really loves peeps - in fact he actually enjoys them in all stages - Stage 1 being the freshly opened soft and sandy deliciousness, Stage 2 is the day old slightly firmed version and then there's Stage 3 - the several day old, been sitting with the plastic open, freely exposed to the air and now completely stale and hard stage. He claims he likes them best in Stage 3 when they've "matured." Gross, I know. but in any event I put peeps ontop of the lemon cupcakes, I think they've now got a better chance of being devoured before we reach stage 3, don't you?

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